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Discover how ProTab can design custom premixes for
marketable health and wellness products.

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Rapidly Develop Better-for-you Products

The growing consumer interest and curiosity of better-for-you products has led brands to become responsive to creating products with more excellent or unique nutritional value.

Premixes are a customized mixture of two or more ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanicals, specialty ingredients, natural flavors, and sweeteners. We can source the high-quality ingredients you are seeking to make your products marketable.

The Advantages of Custom Premixes

Brands can expect many advantages for using premixes, such as optimum uniformity of batches, increased efficiency in material loss, effective management of raw material lead-times, and savings on labor, inventory, and analytical testing.

We’ll customize premixes with our expanded capabilities using state-of-the-art equipment, making our operation one of the largest in the west


Create Marketable Products with Premix

We support food, beverage, and nutritional brands by fortifying products with the highest quality premixes.

Custom premixes are ideal for:

  • Functional Beverages
  • Supplement Powders
  • Bakery/Flour Enrichment Products
  • Cereal
  • Confections
  • Pet Food
  • Nutritional and Food Bars
  • Dairy
  • Stick Pack Products


Reliable, Scalable Blending Technology for Saving Time.

ProTab Laboratories newly expanded state-of-the-art Premix Division offers several styles of blending technologies to meet customers’ increased needs. The proprietary process utilizes geometric blending for enabling ProTab Labs to blend small and large volume premixes.
Blending process is ideal for:

  • sports drinks
  • sports nutrition
  • protein powder formulations

Expert Technical Support

ProTab’s experienced R&D staff can develop formulations for pilot scale batches before processing a large production batch. This ensures that production will be successful and minimizes material loss during the development stage of introducing products to the market.

ProTab also offers full technical support for custom formulation.


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