Protab has been providing premixes with the highest quality ingredients to the food, beverage and nutrition industries for over 10 years. We have recently increased our premix expansion capabilities in large expansion to meet customer needs.

Our strong procurement team sources only the highest quality vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbal extracts, specialty ingredients, sweeteners, etc. We utilize the most efficient state-of-the-art equipment in response to the growing demand for custom premixes for beverages, foods, nutrition bars, dietary supplements, pet food, and more



Custom Blending

ProTab Laboratories offers several different styles of blending technologies to accommodate custom blending requirements. Our proprietary process utilizing geometric blending for enabling ProTab Labs to blend small and large volume premixes while maintaining uniformity from batch to batch. This process is ideal for sports drinks, sports nutrition, and protein powder formulations.

Technical Support

Our experienced R&D staff can develop formulations for pilot scale batches prior to processing a large production batch. This ensures that production will be successful and minimizes loss of material during the development stage of introducing products to the market. ProTab also offers full technical support for custom formulation.


Work with us for high-quality customized nutrient premixes.



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